You got to have friends…

‘Cause you got to have friends.
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, friends.
That’s right you, oh you, yeah you,
I said you gotta have some friends,
I’m talkin’ about friends, that’s right, friends.
Friends, friends, friends.

Love that Bette Midler…anyways today’s post is all about friends as you can see..cause you got to have friends. Ok enuogh with that. LOL!

Friends Like You

Here’s my most recently layout featuring two great friends of mine, Jenna and Kali. I took this picture myself at my Bachelorette Party. I took this picture like 5 times cause I was aiming the camera the wrong way. Dang those Cosmos that night were dangerous! It was a blast and these girls rocked staying out super late with me and we partied like rock stars!

In the layout I created my own friend word quote which went awesome in this layout. I did change the color though to go with my layout. But since it came out pretty good I’m giving it away to you my new digi friends. So leave me some love! =)


Today’s artist recommendation that I want to share with you that I love and totally inspires me is Romero Britto. My friend Jill introduced his work to me awhile ago and I just feel in love with it since I like Pop Art a lot. He is much more well-known now then he was when I first was introduced to him. He recently did a huge pre-show event with the cirque du soleil performer at the super bowl before the the big game. It was pretty neat looking. This is the best link I could find for it, if anyone is interested.


Speaking of artwork and my friend Jill…please check out her site. Jill’s shop is filled with some cool crafty handmade items that really are fabulous. I love the bags especially! She even has some Britto inspired pieces. Pretty cool so be check to pop over there.


Lastly I’d like to wish my friend Emily a belated birthday shout out and a happy 30th birthday to my friend Toyya! Hope you both had/have a happy birthday!!