Fun Finds and A Freebie

We were in NJ this weekend seeing family and we had the treat to do some grocery shopping. You ask, “Why was it a treat?” Well we live in NYC and while it’s a great place to live the grocery stores here leave little to be desired. When we go to the suburbs to visit friends and family we jump at the chance to hit the supermarket. It’s pretty funny watching us pile our cart full of random stuff. I did found the new 100 calorie pack Hostess cakes, which are AWESOME! I’m trying to be good about my calories, so these help for snacks. If you are interested in getting some make sure to check out Hostess for a coupon. They even have a pretty cool site too.


I worked on lots of stuff yesterday…printed out baby shower invites for a client, did some scrappin’ for My Digital Muse and things around the house. Check out the layout I did yesterday of myself. Seem I always do layouts of other people but I thought I would take a crack at one about me.

Brooklyn Chick

Since I have been creating NYC elements for a potential kit I thought I would play around with some skyline/building doodles. I like the way this building doodle came out so much that it went perfect for my layout. I got a great response from the galleries about it that I thought I would give it away as a freebie. Enjoy! Make sure to leave a comment or show me the layout you do with it..would love to see it =)


Since you are reading My Little Green Blog then you can assume I love the color green. I mean I really love green. LOL! So this weekend we saw in the New York magazine this piece of furniture that I so want! I just have to convince my husband, who knew when he saw it that I would love it and want it! I also spotted this awesome sofa that was featured on Design Sponge, which has some funky finds.

green-console.jpg green-dot-sofa.jpg

I am green with envy to those who own these green funky finds! I did get my green west elm shelves the other day though…so I’m happy about that. They match my super cool new desk which I got a month or so ago. Love it!

west-elm-nile-desk.jpg west-elm-nile-shelf.jpg

See you tomorrow for some more design inspirations, my musings and maybe another freebie.