Finally I finished gallering up all the credits for my first custom scrapbook and posted it online! Let me tell you what I pain it was a month later to figure out what I used and where I got it from. My advice to anyone is to credit right after you do you layouts. LOL! Anyways, check out the book. It’s mostly all there with expectation of two pages that we left blank for photos customization.

Click on the above image to be brought to the new Client Gallery.

So National Scrapbooking Day is next Saturday, May 5! Exciting stuff! Be sure to stop by My Digital Muse for some fun and exciting things going on. I think I heard something about a FREE KIT for participants!! He he he!

Thank goodness it’s Friday is all I have to say! I’m hoping to work on website redesigns soon now that I posted this book. Web design is tedious and time consuming to say the least!

Have a good weekend!