Birthday Surprise

After having a crappy day on Friday I came home to this wonderful early birthday surprise! I had been eying this Bisley 5 metal drawer unit for awhile now and not to mention it’s in my shade of lime green. This color is only available now for the holidays and it’s not even on the Container Store’s web site. Anyways, John secretly ordered it after I was talking about it weeks ago and had it shipped to the Container Store. He even lugged the huge thing home. He did real good with this gift and it totally made my crappy day much better! Go Johnny!


Speaking of John, I have to say that I’m quite proud of him and his computer skills. Last week he fixed some major technical issues we were having at Pink Ink Studios with the shopping cart and saved the day. He really impressed me and I know Holly over there was very grateful to him. So if anyone needs any shopping cart or store help just let me know and I’ll refer you his way. Speaking of that I need to get designing on his business cards.I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the holiday season! I’m almost done with my gifts…just need to create some more things. Always waiting till the last minute! LOL! After the holidays I’ll share some of my creations =)