I Spy Spy Daddy!


This morning on the way to work I saw one of my favorite actors, Victor Garber (a.k.a Spy Daddy from Alias)! I was on the bus going to work and as we approached the corner I saw someone on the corner who looked like him. I did a double take as it was the morning (still tired and in a sleepy haze) and looked really carefully and concluded it was him. He was on his cell phone dressed in black from what I remember. I’m a huge fan of his and love him. I thought about getting off the bus and scooping him out but alas common sense kicked in as I had to go to work. I told John what happened this morning and he was like, “You didn’t get off the bus?!!”. LOL! So maybe I should have but oh well. I’m so happy to have finally seen him. I emailed gawker.com that tracks celebrity sightings and they posted it. It all made me smile.

On a different note, happy birthday to my MOM!! Woo hoo, Mom Sweeney! Hope you have a great day!