Day 3 & A Funny Story!

Today’s word is green and I’m talking the color green. I don’t think I need to really go into my love of green since anyone who reads this, knows ANYTHING about me or sees most of what I design can tell.

The Power of Green

But I will share a past green layout of mine and I have a funny story with you from yesterday about green. I was in a meeting about “going green” and how we can creatively promote that in a campaign and/or any ideas. One of the girls turned to me and said, “Green is totally your thing, come up with ideas!” I thought it was funny cause I am the resident green girl but not necessarily an environmental expert who knows ways to promote being green. It made me laugh though.


Also yesterday at work Erik Estrada (from Chips) and Mark Consuelos (Kelly Ripa’s husband) were in the office doing some PR for our new movie, Husband For Hire on Oxygen this weekend. I heard they were coming the other day and I thought it would be funny to find some super cheesy photo of Erik Estrada from Chips and have him sign it. Well I found the best thing on Ebay…a Ponch Action Figure! If it was so damn expensive and would have gotten it in time I would have gotten it. I decided the next best thing was to print it and have him sign that. I thought this was a good idea in my head but wasn’t so sure I was going to do it. Anyways, my peeps from work convinced me to do it and thought it was funny.

Well Erik was actually VERY nice and signed it and laughed. He asked where I got it from and I think I made him smile. LOL! Classic..this action figure cracks me up!!!

Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll try to work on the next round of words soon.

P.S. Free Valentine’s Day Card Template over at Pink Ink Studios from only!