I’m skipping around the list today since I have a celebrity sighting to tell you about!


John & I saw Julie Stiles last night shopping for groceries at this store by us. She was all bundled up for the cold weather and looked like a regular person shopping for food. I spotted her and then told John. We then followed her to make sure it was her. LOL! I yelled at John for not being more excited to see a celebrity and he thought I was crazy!

What can I say I love seeing celebrities! I’ve seen probably at least 75 celebrites over the years. And the funny part is, 6-7 years ago I complained about living in NYC all these years and never seeing anyone. Then all of a sudden it started to happen. I love celebrity spotting…it’s really a hobby! He he he!

Hope you are having a good weekend. I’m trying to get some stuff done today but kinda slow. We did go for eye exams and get new frames. I’m getting a new green pair. What are the odds?! John got a really cool pair too. Can’t wait to get them in.

Ta ta!