Work Sucks!


Hello people in cyberland! It’s been a LONG LONG week and I think this is the longest stretch of non blogging from me. I literally worked 80 hours this week and I’m not sure I could feel any worse right now. Everything hurts and I’m so tired I feel it in my teeth. Not to mention that I have to go to work tomorrow on Sunday. I think about it and I get so MAD. I’m trying to hang in there and stay positive but that feeling really left mid week, especially after the 17 hour day I had on Wednesday. It’s not like I’m a doctor doing shift work making people feel better…I’m a graphic DESIGNER!


Anyways, in trying to keep a positive attitude here’s some word art for you. I’m trying to embrace this sentiment and plus it was a good distraction =)

So that’s where I am if you don’t see me much online. If anyone wants to hire me for a full time design job let me know…I need a new job! =)

Hope you have a wonderful week!