Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know I have neglected my poor little blog and my readers but I’ve not been that chatty lately. Been trying to figure some things in life but I haven’t found any answers besides more work thrown at me. Alas, I’m hoping the future is brighter as the state of the world we are in these days is very depressing to me. 

Alas, it’s Valentine’s Day so let’s move onto something sweeter. We enjoyed a nice lunch today at a local thin crust pizza place that we adore. Since it’s a Saturday we figured lunch might be more manageable them going out to dinner. 


And to celebrate lovely dovey day, here’s a freebie frame from my Love Story kit. Enjoy!

More soon, I swear! I’m working on some new designs,  a cool collaboration project and a site redesign. Soon I hope. Until next time, be well =)