Are Your Memories Waterproof?

The past few days have been gorgeous – a huge change from the past few days. We have had some crazy and heavy rain lately on the East Coast, which got me thinking of things. On the news each night they have shown so many people forced to leave their homes due to flooding. I can’t imagine that feeling and knowing that many of your personal items like photos, mementos and things are gone forever possibly. This reminded me that it is so important to do what you can before something huge happens in life in order to preserve your memories.

Here’s some tips and ideas to help keep your keepsakes and photographs safe:

  • Back up your photos on an external hard drive if possible
  • Save your digital photos on photo sites like Shutterfly, Snapfish and Kodak. In case of emergency you can reprint them or re-download them for a fee.
  • Have Tara Sroka Designs create a digital scrapbook. These books are saved on an external hard drive as well as saved online to ensure nothing happens to your stuff.
  • Scan important documents, mementos and older photos and save to DVD or photo sites. If you can’t scan them take a photo of documents and mementos.

Another great resource for organizing tips and strategies is Miller Organizing, a professional organizing service. I recently meet up with their owner and she has endless ideas on how to organize your stuff. Be sure to check out for some inspiration when it comes to your possessions.

These all sound easy enough but making the time is the key. Some things are replaceable but some things aren’t so it’s better to be safe then sorry when it comes to your cherished memories and family treasures.