Hurricane Wake Up Call

I hope everyone is recovering and drying out from the hurricane this past weekend. The experience was truly scary and stressful and I hope to not have to go though this again for a very long time. Thankfully we had little damage to our complex with just trees uprooted and the loss of our hot water. It could have been so much worse if the storm just tracked slightly differently but so many towns in the NY tri-state area are under water as well as states along the East Coast. My heart breaks for them and makes me realize how important life is and how fast things can change.

One good thing that came out of this hurricane ordeal was it was a wake up call to better organize and digitize all my old photos & memorabilia ASAP. All of my digital photos and scrapbook designs/layouts are saved on my EHD but all of my old photos from high school and college aren’t. So my project for Labor Day Weekend is to get all this in order – a big project but certainly worth it!