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US Open 2012

Over the weekend we were lucky to go to the US Open for the day and saw some pretty good matches. We went last year as well but this time we spent the whole day there instead of a few hours for 1 match. I’m always impressed with the designs and logos they come up… Read more »

Hallmark Owl

I recently blogged about Hallmark and their cool tag line, so I thought it would be fitting to show you the cool bag I received the other day when I made a purchase. I love owls and cool illustrations so I just fell in love with this paper bag – so cute!   Save Save… Read more »

Design Inspiration: Starbucks

Every season Starbucks has some great campaigns and visual designs in their stores and in print. I think they always stay very current with their design in regards to pop culture and this helps keep their brand fresh, which leads to their success. I am particularly loving their new Frappuccino campaign which is the perfect amount of… Read more »

Design Inspiration

As a designer and a visual person I am always drawn to striking patterns – I came across this the other day and it caught my eye. Love the pops of green with the black and white silhouettes. Very simple but eye catching and powerful!  


One of the coolest sites I’ve been addicted to lately is Pinterest, which is a fabulous website to catalog the things you love from all around the web. You can follow people and pin things from their boards. It’s a great tool to find inspiration and to help you organize links you want to save for reference. I… Read more »

Hallmark Inspiration

I love this tag line from Hallmark as well as the sentiment. It always makes me smile and I even posted it at work for inspiration. I’ve been busy lately with the new job and very tired, so I haven’t been blogging much. I plan to schedule some posts over the long weekend. In case… Read more »

Sweet Inspiration

Being a designer I am constantly inspired by prints, patterns and advertising I see. Recently I noticed the new Sweet’n Low ad campaign because of it’s use of bold and bright illustrations. The eye catching illustrations were crafted by illustrator Nate Duval. The pieces are fun, funky and retro. Thought I would share some of the key… Read more »

Inchies Galore

I took an Inchies Galore class last week at my favorite little stamp store. Apparently inchie design is the hottest thing in crafting and stamping lately, so seems I’m trendy. LOL! Anyways, it was a great inspiration which helped kick start my creative mojo for creating things with my hands. And if you are asking… Read more »

Back to Basic Stamping

Today I took a Back to Basic Stamping class that was given by a local rubber stamping store. I’ve always collected rubber stamps because they were cool but never really knew what to do with them. All the different inks and papers always overwhlemed me and I didn’t know what to use with what. So… Read more »

Be A Renegade

I’m going to be out of town this weekend but if you are in the NYC area there is the Renegade Craft Festival in Brooklyn. Seems like it will be fun and lots of vendors. Cute banner ad too =) Anyways, could it get any HOTTER on the East Coast? I think I’m seriously going… Read more »