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Maternity Matters: Winner Layout

Recently I gave away a free maternity layout during Maternity Matters Week to one lucky winner, Amanda and I thought I would show off the final layout I did for her. Thanks Amanda for participating in my contest and for the use of your photos to display here. Speaking of FREE layouts and contests there… Read more »

All About Baby Scrapbooking

Now that we’ve discussed all about maternity scrapbooking it’s time to discuss the baby scrapbook! Most of the same ideas from capturing your pregnancy journey apply to documenting your baby’s special moments. Many moms opt not to do a maternity scrapbook but rather a baby book. Even if you don’t want to do a whole… Read more »

Biggest Baby Shower Ever Event

In keeping with the “maternity matters” theme I thought I would post this event for anyone in or around New York City. This Biggest Baby Shower Ever from Big City Moms sounds like it’s going to be a fun event for moms and moms-to-be. I hear there is some good swag as well to be… Read more »

Maternity Matters: Pregnancy & Baby Kits

In my travels on the web I’ve come across some great maternity and baby inspired kits/art for scrapbooking. This is just a small sampling of some of the great artwork out there to scrapbook with – so there is no reason not to document your journey. Check out the links below to find where each… Read more »

Maternity Matters: Letters to Baby

A great thing to do for a pregnancy record is to write a note to your baby. This is something your child will want to read and look back on when they are adults. Writing a note to your baby may sound easy but it can be overwhelming to find the right words, so keep… Read more »

Maternity Matters: Ultrasound Photo Fun

One of the most important photo(s) in a pregnancy scrapbook is of the ultrasound(s). These should be saved and organized to make sure they are preserved. I suggest scanning in these photos so you have a copy of them in case anything happens. Definitely save the originals – even make a small brag book to… Read more »

Maternity Matters – Kick Off & Freebie

I have babies on the brain lately since several of my friends are expectant mothers. I keep giving them “homework” and suggesting ways for them to remember this special time in their life. So I decided to dedicate a whole week on Maternity Matters to help mamas-to-be better prepare to document their pregnancy journey. Every… Read more »

Maternity Matters Week

I hope you will join me on the blog next week for a special week all about Maternity Matters. And even if babies aren’t something you want to think about stop by anyways and get the information for friends. Several of my friends are pregnant right now and I’ve been giving them suggestions on what… Read more »