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Remembering Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a hard holiday for me but this year instead of trying to ignore it I decided to do a layout as a tribute to my Mom.


Hope you all enjoy your day!

A Long Road Back

It’s been a very long time since I posted. It’s been a full year since my mother passed away from a long battle with lung cancer. It’s actually been a very long road for me – when she was diagnosed our family (my father, husband and myself) were diagnosed with the dreadful disease as well. I put my life on hold and lived in limbo not knowing what would from happen day to day. Now that it’s a year later I’m slowly trying to pick up the pieces of my new new normal life. That being said I’m hoping to start blogging and scrapbooking again. I’m finally feeling more inspired and want to capture my memories by preserving them. For almost 2 years I hadn’t scrapped a layout because I just didn’t feel motivated or inspired. It was a really a painful time in my life and the joy I previous had from creating wasn’t there anymore. Recently I felt energized and excited to create the layout below, amazingly everything just came together and clicked!


I’m slowing getting back into it but still have some hesitation but I’m trying not to put so much pressure on myself – it’s suppose to be fun after all!

So stay tuned and I’ll be back!

Goodbye August, Hello September!

Two posts in one week is crazy but here I am! Michelle Underwood has a new kit out called the Libby Collection which worked perfectly to document my August events. Even though I’ve been creatively challenged lately I’ve still been trying to keep up with Project Life by doing monthly layouts. Well I’ve only done May, June and August but it’s a start! Can’t believe August is almost over – it’s been a fun and busy month but I’m looking forward to September, my favorite month. So goodbye August, hello September!

Somerset Digital Studio Magazine

I’ve been completely slacking on my blog posting and creative projects lately. In the past few weeks I’ve been trying to enjoy what’s left of the summer by spending time with family and relaxing. It really is hard to believe that it’s September and Fall will be here before you know it. September is my favorite month, so I’m looking forward to that.

Some exciting news here – I’ve been published! I am featured in one of the Spotlight articles in Somerset Digital Studio magazine as well as a gallery layout in the back. I’m super excited to have such a big feature that I did a little happy dance when I saw it! It really is a great honor to have some of my artwork recognized, especially these 2 pieces which mean a lot to me.

Anyways, I hope you are enjoying the last weekend of the Summer season and I wish a happy Labor Day to all those who celebrate it!

Hurricane Wake Up Call

I hope everyone is recovering and drying out from the hurricane this past weekend. The experience was truly scary and stressful and I hope to not have to go though this again for a very long time. Thankfully we had little damage to our complex with just trees uprooted and the loss of our hot water. It could have been so much worse if the storm just tracked slightly differently but so many towns in the NY tri-state area are under water as well as states along the East Coast. My heart breaks for them and makes me realize how important life is and how fast things can change.

One good thing that came out of this hurricane ordeal was it was a wake up call to better organize and digitize all my old photos & memorabilia ASAP. All of my digital photos and scrapbook designs/layouts are saved on my EHD but all of my old photos from high school and college aren’t. So my project for Labor Day Weekend is to get all this in order – a big project but certainly worth it!

Memories Live Special Feature

Last year I saw a feature on the news about a wonderful organization, Memories Live and was intrigued to find out more. Memories Live helps people with life-limiting illnesses to preserve their images, stories and wisdom by creating personalized movies to pass on to their loved ones. I thought this was a wonderful service so I reached out to Kerry Glass, the founder of Memories Live and she was so nice to answer some questions for me to share with you.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what Memories Live is and does?
I am currently a stay at home mom who founded a non-profit called Memories Live. I have a Masters in Art Therapy from Pratt Institute and a BFA from Rutgers University. I worked as an Art Therapist at a nursing home in Riverdale, NY and left to pursue motherhood. The concept of ML was born when I learned that a woman in my community passed away at the age of 39 from lung cancer. Her children were around the same age as mine at that time, 1 and 3. It struck me that these children would never really know their mother. The purpose of Memories Live is to give individuals who have life-limiting illnesses the opportunity to create a movie about themselves to tell their stories, share their wisdom and celebrate their lives.

What is your fee for making a video?
The movies are made at no cost. I am donation supported.

What has the feedback been like from the films you’ve made?
I have only received positive feedback. Children have followed up with me to share how their parent shared a story they have never heard before. Spouses have told me how nice it is to see and hear their loved one. Clients themselves feel the process is liberating.

What are some examples of questions film participants are asked?
Where were you born? Who do you look like? Describe a perfect day? What advice to you have for your child for raising children?

Why should people think about making a video like this?
The process of creating the movies is so empowering for my clients in many ways. As they are experiencing this stage in their lives they are filled with many different emotions, and they are uplifted and energized to have the opportunity to create something for their families. They are inspired by the process to celebrate their lives in a unique way and leave valuable advice to their loved ones. They are given the opportunity to reflect on their lives, sharing stories and experiences that can be passed down to future generations.

Are people nervous about documenting their lives on camera?
I would say the first few minutes is a little nerve racking for my clients. Then they get used to me and the camera and focus on the questions.

I recently saw Memories Live featured on TV, has the exposure been positive from that feature?
Yes, the exposure was very positive. I received many emails from people who were not ill simply telling me what a wonderful service I am providing.

Do you offer video services for people who aren’t sick and want to document their lives on film? No not now, but I may in the future.
For people who aren’t sick but want to document their lives would you give them any advice for making a film? Collect stories and words of wisdom that you would like to be passed on to future generations. Relax and tell stories to the camera as if it is the first time you are telling it. Be yourself and enjoy celebrating your life!

Anything you want to add?
The movie is a celebration of ones life, I never ask about their illness.

Many thanks to Kerry Glass for taking the time to answer some of my questions about Memories Live. To find out more information about Memories Live please visit their website.

T-Shirt Memories

The past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning and trying to declutter. In doing so I’ve come across so many great shirts (dress and regular tshirts) that I either don’t wear or don’t fit but want to keep them somehow. I have a sentimental connection to some of my old shirts whether they be from a concert, college or just from a specific moment in time I recall fondly. And since I don’t have room for shirts to keep I came up with some great ideas to help you preserve them for memory keeping and/or fun ways to recycle them.

  • Scan the front and backs of the shirts (like I did above from a Garage concert) and use them in scrapbook layouts. If the shirt pertains to a certain concert or period in time make sure to include a small image of the shirt on that scrapbook layout.
  • Frame design like many people do with album covers. This can make great wall art especially when you use very graphic tshirts. It’s also a cool idea so you can display your memories in a fresh way.
  • Make a quilt, blanket, pillow, curtains or a scarf from the patterns/designs on your shirts. I don’t sew but I love these idea for re-purposing your old shirts. They even make a DIY Memory Quilt Kit to help you get started which is a good way to practice before using your tshirts.

There are so many other ways to reuse your old shirts and other clothes but you just have to use some imagination and get creative. I hope this post at least gives you some simple ideas to go and repurpose your clothes in a fun way.

International Scrapbooking Day

Happy International Scrapbooking Day! To celebrate scrapbooking today I figured I would work on some layouts and share with you how I got started scrapbooking.

Although I think I’ve been scrapbooking all my life I “officially” I started out paper scrapbooking in 2004 not really thinking about documenting my life but more for the creative fun of it. I mostly just bought the cute supplies and never did anything with them. The idea of having to sort through photos, cut things up and assemble an album scared me. I’m a crafty person but I would dread doing a scrapbook page. I remember doing a page once where it took me hours to get everything “just perfect” and when I was done someone pointed out that I had a typo in my journalling that was pretty obvious. I seriously wanted to cry since I had spent so many hours working on that one memory. After that I didn’t think I would ever do another page BUT then I found digital scrapbooking (in 2006 I think) and the rest was history!

I love the creative outlet digital scrapbooking (a.k.a digi scrap) provides and the fact that my friends and family will have these amazing books and creations to look at generation after generation. Scrapbooking gives me the freedom to have fun, do what I want to do and express myself in a way I feel is comfortable to me. I’ve come along way since the early days and I take pride in my designs and scrappy style. Digital scrapbooking isn’t for everyone but it works for me and that’s all that matters.

The Martha Stewart Show

A year ago today my friends and I went to see a taping of The Martha Stewart Show and I just got around to documenting it. Even though it took a year to “scrap” this event the point is I did it. There are no time limits on scrapbooking the event in your life, sometimes I forget this and stress over it. So do whatever feels right for you and don’t feel pressured to get it all documented right away. I do however suggest journaling the details of events soon after so you don’t forget them, even if it’s just a few notes jotted down quickly.

Holiday Scrapbook Inspiration

Here’s a holiday layout of John and I from a few years ago for some inspiration!

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