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US Open 2012

Over the weekend we were lucky to go to the US Open for the day and saw some pretty good matches. We went last year as well but this time we spent the whole day there instead of a few hours for 1 match. I’m always impressed with the designs and logos they come up… Read more »

Long Overdue

This post is long overdue but I just haven’t felt like blogging in the past few months. I’ve been dealing with family and personal issues which has caused me to switch my energies to focus on my family and myself. The things I use to enjoy like scrapbooking, design and blogging aren’t as easy as… Read more »

November Snapshot

Word art created for dKol Photography I’ve been very lazy lately when it comes to blogging. Every time I go to write something the words do not come out or just don’t sound good and then I stop. I guess you could say I’m going through a blog funk – blah! Since I’ve been missing… Read more »


Happy 11/11/11! I was lucky enough to take a screen shot of the exact time of 11/11/11 at 11:11:11 on my phone, which is pretty cool! Supposedly today is good luck so I hope you’ve all had good fortune today. Maybe I should have bought a lotto ticket but least it’s Friday.

Hurricane Wake Up Call

I hope everyone is recovering and drying out from the hurricane this past weekend. The experience was truly scary and stressful and I hope to not have to go though this again for a very long time. Thankfully we had little damage to our complex with just trees uprooted and the loss of our hot… Read more »

Present Laughter & Weekend Wrap Up

In honor of the Tony’s that was on last night (which was very good – go Neil Patrick Harris, Hugh Jackman and Daniel Radcliffe for the great numbers) I wanted to share a layout from the play, Present Laughter that featured the amazingly talented and dashing Victor Garber (whom I adore)! The weekend was good… Read more »

Go-Go’s Weekend

This weekend was a none stop go go type of weekend. Friday night we had the Go-Go’s concert at Irving Plaza which was a fun show. We were suppose to see them last year but one of the members hurt themselves and it was postponed. I’ve been a big fan of them since high school… Read more »

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

One of the things I love about NYC is that you can stumble upon celebrities and movies/tv shows being filmed. Last Thursday was one of those lucky days as I happened to come across a taping of the TV show Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I spotted Vincent D’onofrio and Catherine Erbes shooting a scene… Read more »

Hallmark Inspiration

I love this tag line from Hallmark as well as the sentiment. It always makes me smile and I even posted it at work for inspiration. I’ve been busy lately with the new job and very tired, so I haven’t been blogging much. I plan to schedule some posts over the long weekend. In case… Read more »

The One & Only Ms. Shirley MacLaine

I’ve been a fan of Shirley MacLaine ever since I saw the movie Used People back in high school. For some reason I was taken back by her performance and charisma that I started following her career. Back then I was into doing lots research and decide to find out everything I could about her… Read more »