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Productivity…it’s a good thing!

Holy moly rain!! Can we say enough already?!! Well they do say “April showers bring May flowers” but come on… So this weekend was very busy as well as productive. Love those types of weekends! Did lots of errands, laundry and picked up a bunch of cool finds. We got a new bathroom set –… Read more »

I have baggage issues…

I have a problem with buying so many bags and I did it again. I walked home last night and on the way I usually stop along the way which is my downfall. I called my husband to tell him I would be walking and he was like “See you in about 3 hours!”. I… Read more »

A bit late today…

I’m a bit late today with posting and I really don’t feel very chatty. I will share with you this cute owl that Holly made. Check it out on her blog or right here! I wish I could sew cause it looks so cute. Oh well. Maybe someday. It’s on my goal list for 30…. Read more »

Dove Thoughts of the Day

Random Dove Thoughts of the Day – Note some are from the other day since I only had one today! Make your eyes twinkle (By eating more Promises?) Listen to your heartbeat and dance (Too tired to dance right now) Your allowed to do nothing (Sound good to me)


Yesterday I ate way too many Dove Caramel Promises. They are so good, a little piece of heaven if you ask me! I think the little sayings and tidbits are cute. Here some of the ones I got: Send a love letter this week (Hmmm, does an email about a scrap layout count?) You know… Read more »

Need a Challenge?

So finally after hours of trying to get Shutterfly to work yesterday I got everything to post. I thought uploading would be faster at work but turns out it wasn’t! Anyways, the book is ordered and looked AWESOME! I can’t wait to get it and see how it looks. If all goes well I’m going… Read more »


Can I just say how much I am not liking Shutterfly right now? I have been trying to upload this scrapbook since 11 this morning and only have 7 pages done!!!!!!! So annoying…I’ll be back when this works.

Opening Day and That’s No Joke!

Hey peeps…sorry I’ve been scarce lately. I’m wrapping up a client scrapbook which has been eating up my time. I spent all weekend on it and I’m so happy to say it’s DONE! i just need to post for printing, figure out all the credits and secure some usage rights. Fun times! So once that… Read more »

Cranberries & Dots!

Not feeling all that chatty today. I have a bad headache and just want to go to bed. So post will be quick today and I promise more tomorrow. I will even try to post some goodies & a freebie tomorrow. One exciting thing though before I go…this morning I was looking for new new… Read more »

Be Inspired!

I’m really enjoying this Spring weather we are having and the extra daylight lately. Although my allergies are kicking my butt since it’s been warmer. My eyes are all itchy and red, my head is killing me from sinus pressure and I can’t stop scratching my eyes. Why isn’t my allergy meds working? Anyone else having bad allergies this… Read more »