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Just Another Manic Monday…

Happy Monday. I’m behind today on this is going to be short. Worked all day Saturday on a client book and I got half way done. I have the rest of the week to get it done and posted to Shutterfly by Saturday. I have a coupon that I need to use by April… Read more »

Cool finds!

Yesterday at work Alexa Ray Joel the daughter of music legend Billy Joel and model Christie Brinkley performed a mini concert for us. Work is pretty cool with having events like this every few months…keeps us entertained. Anyways, she was awesome and totally rocked! I got a free CD and she even signed it. Make… Read more »

Bringin’ Ya A Little Funk

Time is just flying by these days. You know time goes fast when your coffee guy who was on vacation for 2 months is back and it seemed to be only 3 weeks! I was pleasantly surprised to him back this morning. I didn’t feel like a “regular” to his temporary replacement so it’s back… Read more »

And we have a winner…

Thanks to all of you who left me comments and for all the kind words on my blog & gallery. I really appreciate it and makes me feel to good to hear from you all. So drum roll please……THE WINNER of the designer Paul Smith notebook GOES TO: Muka. CONGRATS! I will email you and… Read more »

Cool Celebrity Sighting!

So last night I was in the elevator with RACHAEL RAY!!!! I work in the same building as The Food Network and last night we had to share the main elevator. I was in there and then she came on with her peeps and I was like, “Holy crap, it’s Rachael Ray!”. We are huge… Read more »

Contest Anyone?

I have so many things in my head these days and lots of things to blog about. But the thing is when I go to type and blog my mind goes blank and I can’t articulate anything. What gives? Well I’m super tired today and the coffee isn’t working.LOL! Anyways, I’ll are some random… Read more »

Has Spring Sprung?

I’m late today with posting here. Last night we lost internet service, which is really hard to live with out. I know it’s sad but it’s true! So with that I’m feeling abit behind today on things. I did get to work on a layout or two last night though, which was good. Here’s a… Read more »

Fun Finds and A Freebie

We were in NJ this weekend seeing family and we had the treat to do some grocery shopping. You ask, “Why was it a treat?” Well we live in NYC and while it’s a great place to live the grocery stores here leave little to be desired. When we go to the suburbs to visit… Read more »

Hooray It’s Friday!

Happy Friday! Can I tell you how happy I am that it’s Friday?! So happy! I’m so tired today that today is going to be super short post! Sorry this is late today and I planned on having a freebie but time just flies and I didn’t get to it. I didn’t get to much… Read more »

Weight Watching Wednesday

Burrr!!! Can I just say that I’m ready for Spring?!!! So sick of winter and it hasn’t even been that bad but I’m just over it already! So the other day I found a huge hole in a pair of pants that I had from Old Navy. I didn’t even notice it was there, which… Read more »