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Art Expo NYC 2011

Photo by Daniel Sroka Last weekend we had the opportunity to help my brother-in-law, Dan from Daniel Sroka Botanical Abstracts set up his art show at the International Art Expo NYC. It was a long day setting up but so worth it in the end as the booth looked amazing and really showcased Dan’s fabulous… Read more »

Avoid the Burnout Blues

This article was previously published at the Pink Ink Studios blog last year but thought it was a good article worth sharing again. Even though it was geared for photographers and creatives there are some key ideas here that can translate to any career and profession. Every photographer/artist now and again can experience burnout. It’s… Read more »

5 Year Diary

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my 5 Year Diary book by Tamara Shopsin. I know I’m slightly late as we are a almost¬† month into 2011 but I can catch up! I recently saw it posted on Michelle Ward‘s blog and thought it was a great idea. I keep track of my daily… Read more »

2010 Year in Review

With 2011 right around the corner, this is the perfect time to recap 2010 and take stock of where you are and document all that happened in your life this year. Was a good year or it was it a challenging year? A great way to capture the events of the year is by compiling… Read more »

Weekend Wrap Up: Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale

This past Saturday I decided to attend the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale, which is held at her magazine’s office. I had wanted to go last year but found out about it too late, so I figured I would make the trip this year. When I got there the line to get in way super… Read more »

Me Today

I saw this on someone else’s blog awhile ago and thought it was a fun idea. outside my window… trees that all of a sudden look very “fall like” i am thankful for… caffeine i am wearing… comfy lounge clothes noticing that…on gray days I feel very tired and blah i am reading…just finished the… Read more »

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Happy Veteran’s Day!!! Thank you to all who have served – past and present for fighting for our freedom. Today we honor and salute you! Sorry I’ve been missing lately on here but I’ve been busy with client orders and designing stuff for Christmas. Don’t fear though – I’ll be back soon!

Weekend Wrap Up: Anniversary Edition

This past weekend was a whirlwind of fun, food and celebration – our 5th wedding anniversary. We usually try to explore some part of NYC for this occasion and this year we planned on heading to Park Slope but unfortunately the surprise tornado changed our plans. Despite the change in plans we had a great… Read more »

Wake UP!

I just recently saw the movie UP. I loved the deeper meaning to this movie and loved that it centered around¬†scrapbooking. What I took away from the movie was – don’t focus all your attention on what you want to do all the time. Sometimes having a “bucket list” of the things you haven’t done… Read more »

Weekend Wrap Up

Frame from Paislee Print at I am all about helping people capture their moments so I should share with you more of my on-goings as well. I know I show you layouts of things but these events usually are from the past and not so current. I’m going to try to do every Monday… Read more »