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New Signature

Just testing out my new signature file – what do we think?? The lovely Lizzie from Fizzy Pop Designs did my doodle name and I added the camera from the new 9th & Bloom Collaboration Kit: Memories…Captured. I am really digging that new store and this new siggy. Hope you like and snag one yourself… Read more »

True to Yourself

I was reminded the other day that the most important thing is: Be true to yourself! When people question your intentions and don’t get you, just know that if you are honest and true to yourself that is all that matters. Trust me, I know that is easier said then done but I’m trying to… Read more »

A Time to Chill

It’s been a crazy busy week here but with all good things thank goodness! Since it’s the weekend though I’ve decided to take a break and chill. Although when you work for yourself and your business & hobby are the same it’s hard not to design and create. But I’m going to focus on some… Read more »

Hell, Yes!

My awesome friend Downtown Mary Brown was in NYC last week visiting and we had a great time together! So I’m finally catching up with things this week! This picture is of the outside of the NY Contemporary Art Museum. I’m trying to have this “Hell, Yes!” attitude this week to get things done. So… Read more »

Trying to Simplifiy

I have been cleaning the apartment/office the past few days since we have a friend in town and it feels good to declutter. I admit I am a pack rat and throwing out stuff is not something I am good at doing. Although I think I have gotten better in the past few years especially… Read more »

Reflecting & Revamping

Last week I had the great opportunity to attended the Blog Out Loud NY event.¬†Blog Out Loud is a resource for creative people to gather inspiration and information to start and maintain social media communities with the goal of enhancing their business, creating a presence online and connecting to community. They host offline events every… Read more »

My Martha Moments

Recently me and my friends went to see a taping of The Martha Stewart Show. We were excited about seeing Martha, potentially some cool guests and giveaways. Luckily we were in the front of the line so we were guaranteed seats. We even got free coffee from the Chock Full o’Nuts truck. Seeing the set… Read more »

Just Do It!

As a scrapbook I consider myself a “memory preservist” but sometimes documenting life’s events is hard for me. Depending on the subject matter and the importance of a memory/event I tend to put off dealing with it. I always want to capture it perfectly and that makes it hard to actually finish it. Well I’ve… Read more »

A Look Back at 2009

2009 had lots of low points but it also had some very high points. This collage captures some of them (in no particular order). My dear friend, Mary visited us from Florida. It was 4 years since we last saw her, so it was a great treat to spend time with her. Meeting my cousin,… Read more »


I’m not going to lie, this year was a challenge for me. I have learned a lot about myself and life during the past few months. Hardship and adversity has given me a new found perspective on life and if I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t do it any different.¬†Here’s to… Read more »