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Merry Christmas!

May your day be filled with joy and wonderful moments! Merry Christmas!

Sweet Holiday Fun

As we prepare to make the 2nd annual holiday rocky road chocolate treats I thought I would share a layout from years ago. We decided to make sugar cookies shaped as gingerbread man and these are the photos documenting the process. We are not bakers by any means but we had fun although our cookies were somewhat misshaped and looked more like blobs. But least we tried!

More tomorrow from our rocky road adventure!

Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Cheer

Sending holiday cheer your way!

Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Reflection

Smile and get into the holiday spirit!

Holiday Scrapbook Inspiration

Here’s a holiday layout of John and I from a few years ago for some inspiration!

Stories & Traditions

Last week I stopped in Starbucks to pick up a sweet treat and I was taken with there festive bag design. After looking at it further I thought the sentiment was TOTALLY me and what I’m all about. Our stories ARE gifts that we should definitely share and I’m all about good food too!

This time of year its important to documenting your traditions and stories. Even though I’m not that much of a Christmas tradition person this bag from Starbucks got me thinking. There are some small traditions that I do participate in during the holidays, little as they may be but they are still worth remembering. The past few years we have started going with my husband’s family to pick out their tree – it just started by chance since we were visiting that day but this year we ended up going again with them. This is somewhat of a new tradition for us but it is fun seeing the kids get so excited to pick out the tree and it’s fun to be apart of their tradition. Another recent tradition that we started last year (although we didn’t realize it was going to be a tradition) was making Rocky Road for the holidays. My cousin Kate, from Australia sent us a bar of Rocky Road chocolate last year and it was like HEAVEN! The bar she sent was made by Cadbury but she mentioned to me that every Christmas her and the family make their own version. I asked her about it and she sent me the cutest instructional video to help me make my own. John and I were intrigued to make it to bring for Christmas that we did make a batch. Well it was a big hit and we are going to make them again this year although we are going to modify the recipe a bit and put our own spin on it.

And even if you don’t have time to scrapbook your traditions (I still haven’t scrapbooked the above traditions), take some time to write them down so you will always remember them!

So what stories/tradition are you sharing or making this holiday season? If you need help figuring out what traditions you want to document, Sahlin Studio‘s blog has a great post with a huge list of activities to help you narrow it down.

Holiday Photography Resources

I’ve come across some fun websites lately that have some great ideas for holiday photo fun so I wanted to share with you. So get those camera ready, start clicking and capturing your holiday memories!

I’ll be back soon with some more holiday inspiration!

Tis the Season for Holiday Cards

I’ve been super busy lately designing holiday cards for the fabulous Danielle of Dkol Photography and I thought I would share them with you. Slowly but surely creating Christmas cards has put me in the holiday spirit. So have you finished your cards yet?? Let me know if you need a design 🙂

Happy December!

Happy December! Can you believe Christmas is just 24 days away?! Today many scrapbookers started the December Daily that Ali Edwards is doing over on her blog, which is an album project that documents the 25 days leading up to Christmas. I’ve seen some great books and past projects that are really inspiring. I love the idea of this project but know myself and I couldn’t keep up with it. Plus I’m not a huge fan of Christmas, so if I did it I would complain for 25 days – is that really worthy of documenting? Well maybe but it’s not in my plans but if YOU like the idea why not try it! It sounds like a great way to capture the spirit of the season and extra special if you have kids. If you are participating in the project I would love to see your journey. Make sure to check out Ali’s blog for great tips on how to get started with your book and ideas to keep you inspired!

And speaking of Christmas and the holidays, Michelle Underwood has a new fabulous holiday kit out called Joy. I recently used it to scrap a holiday memory of my family from 2002 – that’s a long time ago! I hardly ever scrapbook my family, which I should – so this is a good starting point. More to come in 2011!

Holiday Scrapbook Ideas

Looking for fun ways to put your own spin on the holidays this year? Well here’s a few ideas to help share your favorite scrapbook layouts and memories this holiday season:

  • Spruce up your holiday mailings with a custom stamp design of a favorite layout/photo. It is bound to get the attention of your family and friends while adding some of your own personality into each envelope!
  • If making custom stamps is too expensive or not your thing then make labels for the back of your envelopes.
  • Do you send an annual holiday newsletter? If so include a few small layouts in it to showcase the fun things you’ve done throughout the year!
  • Make wrapping paper from your memories – either repeat one design or repeat several to make a nice pattern.
  • String together several layouts to make decorative garland for your home.
  • Make Christmas ornaments out of them. Print them out and add a hole with a punch at the top. Feel free to add additional decorations to make it sparkle even more!

Do you have a fun and unique way to share your memories and scrapbook layouts during the holidays? I would love to hear from you!

If you want to scrapbook your story but don’t want to actual do it yourself or know where to start, contact me and I can help.

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