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Design Groove

I’ve been in such an awesome design groove since hitting 30! LOL! I have lots of new products in my store as well as Pink Ink Studios. Check them out and today is Tempting $2 Tuesday! You never know what will be on sale for only $2! Hope you all had a great weekend –… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Goodies

I’ve been sick for a few days now and coughing up a storm this weekend. Although I’m under the weather I’ve been super creative and made tons of new Valentine’s Day products. I think the new red hair inspired all the red themed stuff…he he he. Check them out in the store now. I have… Read more »

I’m here!

I’m here…I know it’s been awhile! I think that was the longest blog break I’ve taken. Anyways, I’m back. Last week started the holiday season with lots of partying. Too much drinking in one week and I found it hard to keep up! I had my company christmas party early this year and had a… Read more »


Do you like my blog and website remodel? I thought it was about time to have a new look and well some real contents to my site. I labored all Labor Day Weekend on the design and I’m pretty pleased. Pun totally intended…LOL! I ask you to take a look around the site and see… Read more »