Design Inspiration

As a designer and a visual person I am always drawn to striking patterns – I came across this the other day and it caught my eye. Love the pops of green with the black and white silhouettes. Very simple but eye catching and powerful!


Inside the Locker

My good friend Holly McCaig recently launched, Inside the Locker a site created as a resource for the professional photographer that specializes in the high school senior portrait field. The primary focus includes: stylized senior portrait session features, business and marketing strategies, and techniques as it relates to posing and processing images. Inside the Locker features vendors that have extraordinary products that are sure to enhance your audience’s business and brand.

If you are a photographer specializing in the high school senior portrait field who want to create an upscale brand you should check out Inside the Locker for the some great inspiration from photography professionals.

Go-Go’s Weekend

This weekend was a none stop go go type of weekend. Friday night we had the Go-Go’s concert at Irving Plaza which was a fun show. We were suppose to see them last year but one of the members hurt themselves and it was postponed. I’ve been a big fan of them since high school so I definitely had to check out their final tour and despite having people around us who wanted to talk throughout the concert we had a good time. I’m glad we got a chance to see them when we did because the next 2 shows we cancelled because Belinda Carlisle was under doctors orders to rest her voice. So I guess our timing finally worked out this year! Also it was very cool to hear The Go-Go’s cover Belinda’s solo song, Mad About You – something they never do.

And on Saturday night we went to see The Hangover 2, which was funny and today we enjoyed a nice picnic in Prospect Park with a friend and some new ones we meet. All in all a busy but fun weekend was had! How was your weekend?


One of the coolest sites I’ve been addicted to lately is Pinterest, which is a fabulous website to catalog the things you love from all around the web. You can follow people and pin things from their boards. It’s a great tool to find inspiration and to help you organize links you want to save for reference. I love to use it to catalog design inspiration of all kinds and lots of other random things too (pictures of Colin Firth – YUM). And now that they have their iPhone app it’s even more easy to use when you are on the go! Feel free to check out my boards and if you have any cool pins to share link me up in the comments! Pinterest is by invite, so if you are interested in starting your own boards let me know and I can send you an invite.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

One of the things I love about NYC is that you can stumble upon celebrities and movies/tv shows being filmed. Last Thursday was one of those lucky days as I happened to come across a taping of the TV show Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I spotted Vincent D’onofrio and Catherine Erbes shooting a scene in front of the Flatiron Building. John came to meet me after my appointment and we stayed to see the last scene being filmed, which was a car scene. Apparently this was the last scene being filmed FOREVER as the show is ending. After the crew called, “That’s a wrap” (which they really say) everyone applauded and cheered. Vincent made a short speech to the crew and it was a real unexpected gem of a moment. We actually do watch the show so it was exciting for us to be their and be apart of the last moments of the show.

Hallmark Inspiration

I love this tag line from Hallmark as well as the sentiment. It always makes me smile and I even posted it at work for inspiration.

I’ve been busy lately with the new job and very tired, so I haven’t been blogging much. I plan to schedule some posts over the long weekend. In case I don’t get back here till after the holiday weekend have a great and safe 3 day weekend!

Graduation Day

Today was graduation at my college so I thought I would post a layout documenting my graduation day. Although my graduation day was 12 years ago (gulp) I just recently finished this layout. Better late then never!

T-Shirt Memories

The past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning and trying to declutter. In doing so I’ve come across so many great shirts (dress and regular tshirts) that I either don’t wear or don’t fit but want to keep them somehow. I have a sentimental connection to some of my old shirts whether they be from a concert, college or just from a specific moment in time I recall fondly. And since I don’t have room for shirts to keep I came up with some great ideas to help you preserve them for memory keeping and/or fun ways to recycle them.

  • Scan the front and backs of the shirts (like I did above from a Garage concert) and use them in scrapbook layouts. If the shirt pertains to a certain concert or period in time make sure to include a small image of the shirt on that scrapbook layout.
  • Frame design like many people do with album covers. This can make great wall art especially when you use very graphic tshirts. It’s also a cool idea so you can display your memories in a fresh way.
  • Make a quilt, blanket, pillow, curtains or a scarf from the patterns/designs on your shirts. I don’t sew but I love these idea for re-purposing your old shirts. They even make a DIY Memory Quilt Kit to help you get started which is a good way to practice before using your tshirts.

There are so many other ways to reuse your old shirts and other clothes but you just have to use some imagination and get creative. I hope this post at least gives you some simple ideas to go and repurpose your clothes in a fun way.