Happy Birthday, Freebie & Contest

Tag from Tia Bennett’s HapPea Birthday Kit at Two Peas in a Bucket.

Today is a special day. Besides being Friday it’s my friend Kali’s 30th birthday!!!! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kali!! =)

My 30 Goals

Since its her 30th I figured today was a good day to post my 30 Goals layout. I have 30 goals for myself before I turn 30 myself this December. I’m happy to say that I’ve done some of these already in the past few months! I hope I can continue on the right path..we’ll see.


Also, today starts the Grab Bag weekend at My Digital Muse! $2 deals!!!! So, come support the designers at My Digital Muse! The server my be a bit slow so just be patient BUT it’s so worth it!


As promised here is another NYC freebie for you. I’m lovin’ doing NYC stuff…just need to scrap more photos with all the elements. And don’t forget to leave some comments in order to have a chance to win a designer Paul Smith notebook (see past posts for details). Today was suppose to be the last day but since I was late on this freebie the drawing will be on Sunday! So get some comments in by Saturday!


I don’t usually post over the weekend but since it’s St. Patrick’s Day I will try to post a holiday themed layout to celebrate! Plus I’ll be back with the winner of the Paul Smith Journal!

Toodles and rock your shamrocks off! Ha!

Cool Celebrity Sighting!

So last night I was in the elevator with RACHAEL RAY!!!! I work in the same building as The Food Network and last night we had to share the main elevator. I was in there and then she came on with her peeps and I was like, “Holy crap, it’s Rachael Ray!”. We are huge RR fans and I wanted to yell at her, “You’re Rachael Ray and tell her “My husband loves you!” but I figured 1 – she knows she’s Rachael Ray and 2 – I didn’t want to sound like a total freak. So I just stared at her (I was behind her to the side) and that was enough. She did look at me though..he he he. Once I got off the elevator I called John and he was sad he didn’t get to see her even though we’ve seen her at book signings before, but it’s not the same.


I find it funny that Rachael and I got married one week apart both to grooms named John. And yesterday was the first time I did a scrap layout from our wedding. Ironic, huh? LOL! Anyways, here’s the layout =)

Mr. & Mrs.

Network issues again at home..so annoying!!! I can’t take it. Drives me crazy not to have email and internet access. I know I’m addicted but oh well!


I did find some cool sites for you to check out though. With so many blogs out there it’s easy to go from one to another and find so many cool sites. First off is Print Pattern which has some great and fun illustrations & graphics. It’s very hip and modern with it’s illustrations and bold colors. The patterns are pretty cool. This site then took me to a brownandblue. blueandbrown is a small design studio applying graphic design to a range of mediums such as artwork for commercial projects, furniture, woven textiles and stationery. I love this one painting they have which is shown above. They have lots of cool paintings that would look awesome in our apartment…someday! =)

I hope to have a free element tomorrow…all depends on the silly network connection at home. My super cute IT guy is on it though..he he he!

Be sure to keep the comments coming in order to have a chance to win a designer Paul Smith notebook. Drawing is on Saturday!

So I knew this nice warm weather was too good to be true! It’s going to get cold again here and even SNOW! Bugger!

Until manana..toodles.

Contest Anyone?

I have so many things in my head these days and lots of things to blog about. But the thing is when I go to type and blog my mind goes blank and I can’t articulate anything. What gives? Well I’m super tired today and the coffee isn’t working.LOL! Anyways, I’ll try..here are some random musings, a cool site and this & that!

I knew as soon as I blogged yesterday about waiting for my first issue of Digital Scrapbooking I would get it. There it was waiting for me at home yesterday while I asked “Where was it?”. The power of reverse thinking! Ha! BTW, the issue was great. Good job and it was nice to see so many familiar names from the sccrappin’ community. I can’t wait for the next one!


I’m still waiting on my little owl statue..so where are you? Let’s see if this works today..he he he. Speaking of owls I went on a search today on etsy.com and found tons of awesome cool stuff! I found some cute stuffed owls too. I really don’t need anymore random stuff to put in my apartment but how cute are they?


I also got my owl necklace from ebay the other day and it’s much bigger then I expected. Hopefully I will wear it. My husband just shakes his head and laughs at me when I get things that are bigger or smaller then I thought. I really should read things more carefully!

Check out this awesome site I just found. Rotorcaps sells sterling silver and recycled bottle caps jewelry. Pretty cool stuff.


Last night John and I tried a new restaurant..well new to us. We went to this great Itialian restaurant, Tello’s which is near where I work. It was a really impromptu dinner but it rocked! My meal, the “Rigatoni Tello” was great and John really enjoyed his veal meal. If you ever need a place to eat in NYC – Chelsea area look them up.


While out last night I saw several stores with green dots!!! My love our green dots is spreading…he he he. Pinkberry, which is pictured has super cool green dot decals on their storefront. Totally lovin’ it! Ann Taylor also has big green dots in their display windows! Seems I was ahead of the green dot trend when doing my wedding designs. Go me!!! =)

So the internet at home was on and off again last night. Because of this I didn’t get a chance to work on a freebie, plus I was super tired. I think this spring ahead is kicking my butt this week! I need to wake up!

I’m going to try to post another scrappin freebie on Friday and I’m thinking of having a contest. I am going to have a random drawing of people who register and leave a comment from today-Friday. The contest is for a super cool designer Paul Smith Journal/Notebook!


This notebook is way cool and retails for around $35! The only catch is I would like AT LEAST 10-15 people to leave a comment to even have this random contest. I will chose a winner over the weekend, so get your comments in!! So how’s that sound…you up for it? If you really like the notebook and don’t win let me know – I have more!

See you tomorrow..I have some inspiration, a new scrapbook layout, and a few rants. He he he!

Has Spring Sprung?

I’m late today with posting here. Last night we lost internet service, which is really hard to live with out. I know it’s sad but it’s true! So with that I’m feeling abit behind today on things. I did get to work on a layout or two last night though, which was good. Here’s a layout I did for My Digital Muse showcasing the talented Toni Berman.

All About You

I used elements from several of her kits to come up with this cute layout featuring John. If you like anything you see in the layout make sure to check out Toni’s store at My Digital Muse and snag them.


So I’m eagerly awaiting the premiere issue of Digital Scrapbooking. I keep seeing other people’s blogs about how they received their issue already and now I am just waiting! I already paid the bill…so what’s going on. I will try to be patience. He he he! I am going to try to submit a few layout to them and hopefully get some published. We’ll see though.


Remember the other day when I blogged about going wild at the NJ grocery store? Well I found a few new varieties of Lean Cuisine meals and tried them this week. OMG, I’m so in love with their new Butternut Squash Ravoli! It was so good that I can’t wait to have them again. I hope I can find it next time =)

I’ve been good with watching what I eat and counting my points more or less. I even bought some new pants at Old Navy last night. I hope they work out. I have bad luck with pants!

Loving this weather we are having here on the East Coast…nice and warm! Has Spring sprung or will winter come and get us still? I hope not. I guess time will tell.

Hope you liked yesterday’s freebie and I’ll try to have another one sometime this week. All depends on the internet connection at home. Esh!

Toodles for now,

Fun Finds and A Freebie

We were in NJ this weekend seeing family and we had the treat to do some grocery shopping. You ask, “Why was it a treat?” Well we live in NYC and while it’s a great place to live the grocery stores here leave little to be desired. When we go to the suburbs to visit friends and family we jump at the chance to hit the supermarket. It’s pretty funny watching us pile our cart full of random stuff. I did found the new 100 calorie pack Hostess cakes, which are AWESOME! I’m trying to be good about my calories, so these help for snacks. If you are interested in getting some make sure to check out Hostess for a coupon. They even have a pretty cool site too.


I worked on lots of stuff yesterday…printed out baby shower invites for a client, did some scrappin’ for My Digital Muse and things around the house. Check out the layout I did yesterday of myself. Seem I always do layouts of other people but I thought I would take a crack at one about me.

Brooklyn Chick

Since I have been creating NYC elements for a potential kit I thought I would play around with some skyline/building doodles. I like the way this building doodle came out so much that it went perfect for my layout. I got a great response from the galleries about it that I thought I would give it away as a freebie. Enjoy! Make sure to leave a comment or show me the layout you do with it..would love to see it =)


Since you are reading My Little Green Blog then you can assume I love the color green. I mean I really love green. LOL! So this weekend we saw in the New York magazine this piece of furniture that I so want! I just have to convince my husband, who knew when he saw it that I would love it and want it! I also spotted this awesome sofa that was featured on Design Sponge, which has some funky finds.

green-console.jpg green-dot-sofa.jpg

I am green with envy to those who own these green funky finds! I did get my green west elm shelves the other day though…so I’m happy about that. They match my super cool new desk which I got a month or so ago. Love it!

west-elm-nile-desk.jpg west-elm-nile-shelf.jpg

See you tomorrow for some more design inspirations, my musings and maybe another freebie.


Hooray It’s Friday!

Happy Friday!

Can I tell you how happy I am that it’s Friday?! So happy! I’m so tired today that today is going to be super short post! Sorry this is late today and I planned on having a freebie but time just flies and I didn’t get to it. I didn’t get to much since yesterday and need to. It’s going to be a busy weekend. Going to Kayley, Jackson and family this weekend since John’s parents are coming to town. I should have lots of new photos to play with next week. Also I need to work on some Creative Muse designs for My Digital Muse, so stay tuned for that. I promise next week a freebie or two!!!

You see my new blinkies and banners I added? Well that my husband added..LOL! I need to work on a blinkie/banner for myself now. Not sure how to do them so I printed out instructions, so we’ll see how they turn out. Look for them next week, assuming I can figure it out. LOL!

Best Is Yet To Come

I leave you with a layout I did a few months ago of Jackson since we are going to see him this weekend. Cutie =)

Have a good weekend!


Creative Musings

Exciting news…I’m a Creative Muse for My Digital Muse!!! What does that mean, you ask? My Digital Muse is a scrapbooking, photography and inspirational site that has the most amazing designs and designers that I love! This is a big deal to me since I get to work with so many creative ladies, like Holly McCaig. As a muse I will be creating layouts each week featuring their products, participating in their forums and challenges and just becoming more involved in their site and the scrapbook community. It’s a great honor for me and I hope to kick butt in it! Thanks for giving me the chance ladies!


It’s funny to think that a few months ago I was really apprehesive about digital scrapbooking. I put it off for so long just collecting supplies and kits. I didn’t feel ready to take the plunge and didn’t have the confidence but now I’m loving it and wished I started sooner. So my advice to anyone feeling this way is to just JUMP IN AND HAVE FUN!

I heard a great quote last night from The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency on Oxygen – “Live to learn and learn to live.” I thought it was a powerful quote and it stuck with me. So I’m going to try to embrace that quote!

Be You

Here is yesterday’s layout I did. Those photos make me laugh of my little cousin, Alex. He is so good at doing chores and I received a picture yesterday of him setting the table. He is being trained well!! =)

Have a good one and see you tomorrow,

Weight Watching Wednesday

Burrr!!! Can I just say that I’m ready for Spring?!!! So sick of winter and it hasn’t even been that bad but I’m just over it already!


So the other day I found a huge hole in a pair of pants that I had from Old Navy. I didn’t even notice it was there, which is the weird part. But it’s a total bummer and makes me sad. It’s so hard for me to find pants that fit since I’m vertically challenged without having to take them up. And in the most recent times hard to fint pants that fit my ever growing waist (no, I’m NOT pregnant either)! Since getting married I’ve packed on like 20-30 pounds. Yikes! Before the wedding I lost 30 pounds on Weight Watchers for the big day but now that it’s over I find it very hard to stay on track and be good. I’m hoping to get on track soon since my goal before 30 is to lose 30 pounds. I only have 9 months, not sure it’s going to happen but I need to start to try. Or start to try to try..LOL! Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted. Ugh!


Got this email from Daily Candy yesterday that featured these cute kids wall decorations from Jeeto. Too cute and very graphic! Love some of those color combinations and cute illustrations. And in case you aren’t familiar Daily Candy is according to them “a free daily e-mail newsletter and website which is the ultimate insider’s guide to what’s hot, new, and undiscovered — from fashion and style to gadgets and travel. As useful as it is entertaining, it’s like getting an e-mail from your clever, unpredictable, and totally in-the-know best friend. The one who knows about secret beauty treatments, must-have jeans, hot new restaurants — and always shares the scoop.”

I came across this site today and thought it was cool. It’s not quiet final and everything isn’t available but I think it’s great looking. I really like the main page. It’s so clean and simple but very graphic at the same time. Found this site too which has an AWESOME main page! Both of these pages give me some things to consider when designing my main page, which I totally need to do. Since I’m a print designer I get alittle nervous about doing web design. I know I need to over come my fear and jump in…I’m trying. I’m just happy to be scrappin more, blogging regularly and making element freebies. Baby steps. =)


Finally, we watch the movie Crank the other night. I didn’t expect anything great since I didn’t know much about it. It far exceeded my expectations and was pretty good. A bit voilent and gory but pretty fun in a messed up way. Definitely a movie for adults! The graphic treatments were interesting and different. This movie poster I found from it I though rocked! It’s really graphic and in your face, which is basically how the movie is. I just love posters like this that are graphically clever. Makes me want to be a better designer. Again, baby steps..I’m not going to sell myself short!

Still waiting for my owl stuff from ebay. Where is it?!! I want to see that little statue..he he he. That’s about it for now…more tomorrow I hope.

You got to have friends…

‘Cause you got to have friends.
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, friends.
That’s right you, oh you, yeah you,
I said you gotta have some friends,
I’m talkin’ about friends, that’s right, friends.
Friends, friends, friends.

Love that Bette Midler…anyways today’s post is all about friends as you can see..cause you got to have friends. Ok enuogh with that. LOL!

Friends Like You

Here’s my most recently layout featuring two great friends of mine, Jenna and Kali. I took this picture myself at my Bachelorette Party. I took this picture like 5 times cause I was aiming the camera the wrong way. Dang those Cosmos that night were dangerous! It was a blast and these girls rocked staying out super late with me and we partied like rock stars!

In the layout I created my own friend word quote which went awesome in this layout. I did change the color though to go with my layout. But since it came out pretty good I’m giving it away to you my new digi friends. So leave me some love! =)


Today’s artist recommendation that I want to share with you that I love and totally inspires me is Romero Britto. My friend Jill introduced his work to me awhile ago and I just feel in love with it since I like Pop Art a lot. He is much more well-known now then he was when I first was introduced to him. He recently did a huge pre-show event with the cirque du soleil performer at the super bowl before the the big game. It was pretty neat looking. This is the best link I could find for it, if anyone is interested.


Speaking of artwork and my friend Jill…please check out her site. Jill’s shop is filled with some cool crafty handmade items that really are fabulous. I love the bags especially! She even has some Britto inspired pieces. Pretty cool so be check to pop over there.


Lastly I’d like to wish my friend Emily a belated birthday shout out and a happy 30th birthday to my friend Toyya! Hope you both had/have a happy birthday!!


I Heart NYC!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I was super busy creating baby show invite designs and doing odds and ends around the house. Why is that weekends go so fast? Even though I was busy I feel that I didn’t get anything done. Esh!

Anyways, today’s post is all going to be NYC related since I live in New York City. I have lots of NYC pictures from sightseeing and doing things around town but I haven’t really found many NYC digi scrap products out there. This got me thinking that I wanted to create some elements of my own to use for some NYC themed pages. So this weekend I created some things and I thought I would share with you. Here is my first element, a rub on decal of a New York City taxi.


I’m going to keep going with these elements and maybe even put together a kit. If you like the taxi freebie and are interested in a NYC kit or another freebie NYC related please let me know by registering and leaving a comment. Thanks to Atomic Cupcake for the Rub On action.

So anyways, recently I won from Disc Talk Radio a free custom layout by the well known and talented Gina Miller. I thought I would post it for you all to see. It’s a picture from our wedding day taken by the Brooklyn Bridge which fits today’s blog post, so I thought it was fitting to share.


Gina Miller Custom Layout Credits:
Papers (all toned-down), lace brush, stitched heart and pinned label by Michelle Coleman. Loose stitches by Syrin at CatScrap. Hanging flower by Natalie Braxton. Gold brads by Shabby Princess. Blue folded ribbon by Amy Martin. Paint by Maya at Scrapbook Graphics. Antique Color on photo (tweaked) by Photoblast. Glamour on photo (tweaked) by Virtual Photographer. Fonts are FG Script Elegante, CK Dingbat Hearts and AL Modern Type.

Since I posted a wedding layout/photo I thought I would share with you the Save the Date I did awhile back for the wedding. I just posted it to my portfolio as well as Save the Date magnets, which I hope to sell as a design. I loved these so much…Two Peas in a Pod theme so cute I think. He he he!


Speaking of Disc Talk Radio, make sure to check it out. It’s a great site for scrappers where you can tune in to hear your favorite scrappin’ celebrities share tips of the trade and gain insights that will make your next layout shine and it’s FREE to listen to the shows!

I wanted to share with you another great site and artist that I love. I’m a big fan of this artist, Ed Heck who has some great pieces of art. Love his work and can’t wait to own a piece of his some day. Here’s a copy of his Remember painting which is so simple but so moving at the same time.


Well that’s it for now. Check back tomorrow for another freebie hopefully. I’m going to work on a friends quote since tomorrow’s post is going to be about friends and some special shout outs =)