All in the family!

So I want to give some shout outs to my family today since they also have cool web sites, so check them out. First off my brother-in-law, Dan (who hosts this site –thanks!) has a kick ass fine art photographery site. He focuses on photography of the elements of nature and has some pretty amazing stuff. We need to buy one of his prints someday. He also designs and sells fine art ketubah designs based on his photography of flowers and leaves. Very unique, so take a look.

My father-in-law, Len has been working on a series of books over the years which helps us visualize the spiritual dimension of our lives. Check out his books and make sure to checkout his web site as well!


I want to give a HUGE thanks to my husband, John for all his hard work on my site and blog. I know sometimes his hard work goes unseen since it’s technical and behind the scene action but I wanted to give him some love. I couldn’t do this site with you Johnny! You ROCK!

The Srokas are a very talented crew, aren’t we? He he!

Speaking of family here is a layout I did recently of me and my family when I was little. Aren’t I cute? He he he.


Lastly I leave you with these cute photos of my little cousin, Alex. Seems to earn his keep at daycare he’s doing some extra work around the playground. LOL!


Frame from Michelle Underwood.

That’s it for now. I have some designing and scrapbooking to do this weekend, so I’ll have lots to post next week. I’m also going to have another freebie next week too. I’m working on some NYC related stuff…so check back next week for that!

Have a good weekend!

Thank Heavens for Bloggers, Clients and Little Girls!

Thanks everyone who stopped by yesterday for my first freebie EVER! Thanks to Amy for posting it on her site…you ROCK! The response was huge which made me smile all day! And thanks for the posts/comments as well. Keep an eye out for more freebies coming soon.


As a treat for stopping by click on the image and save the word art as a png file. The file doesn’t have a black background’s transparent. Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake for the Sparkle Action. Enjoy =)

I’m excited and wanted to share my good news. I have my first real custom scrapbook client! I’ve been doing scrapbooks for others for a year or so now but mostly for friends and family for gifts. Now I have a real client. Well she is a friend of a friend but I’m getting paid in FULL this time! I’m really excited about this so hopefully I can get my custom scrapbooking business up and running. I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going. The timing is kind of tight on this so I need to start hustling on getting 20 pages done by April 1st. Need to make sure I leave time to print. I’m going to use the new Shutterfly scrapbook printing…has anyone used it? Does processing/printing/shipping take more then 3 weeks? Anyone? Help! =)

So my little goddaughter/cousin has been under the weather lately. She had the flu and she even visited the ER for the first time ever the other night. Poor baby! So I wanted to wish her a speedy recovery so she returns to her playful fun self soon. Here is a layout I did of her 2 months ago. I’m in the photo too with her.

Kayla & Me

Speaking of little girls here is a new layout of my new niece, Kayley. It’s too funny that we have a Kayla and now a Kayley. Least they are on difference sides of the family with difference last names. He he!

Dreams Can Come True

This layout is my first layout as a member of Theres K’s Creative Team. All Theres K’s products available at Scrap Garden, so be sure to check them out.

Hope you are having a good day and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

Design, Inspiration & A Freebie

The other night while I was watching the Oscars (btw, I thought Ellen did a good job) I was printing and putting together bridal shower invites for my friend, Rebecca. I think they came out pretty good. I even impressed myself with these. Check them out here. Just in case she looks at this I don’t want her to see them right away but I highly doubt she would check this. If so I’m surprised =P

Speaking of the Oscars, weren’t those dancers amazing? They are the Pilobolus Dance Theatre. I thought they were awesome with recreating the movie logos and characters.

Here’s a cool site I came across today that makes you think. Have you really given much thought about your space? Check out a new blog updated daily showing photos from one worded prompts. Its time to get those cameras ready to go.


Check out David & Goliath for some cool design stuff. The site is pretty funky and love the grungy look to it. This t-shirt is pretty cool too.


Funky t-shirt sites are the best sites for cool design and illustration inspirations. There are an abundance of talented hip artists out there designing t-shirts. Another awesome web site I check often is Threadless. Even Zach Braff from NBC’s Scrubs’ thinks Threadless shirts are way cool!


Finally, as promised here is my first ever freebie – St. Patrick’s Day Word Labels. They come in a few festive colors to celebrate the big day! I’m so excited to get these out there and I hope you like them – let me know. Be sure to register and post a comment =)


Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake for the Label Maker Action. Click the photo for the freebie download.

Enjoy and I promise more freebies soon and another post tomorow.

Owl There!

I’ve been on this owl kick lately…funky looking owl illustrations seem to be all around these days. There are 2 new kits out that are owl related that I’m lovin’ although I haven’t scrapped yet with them. Check out Andrea Victoria’s Hoot Papers and Michelle Underwood’s Owl Love (which I featured last week).


So the other night I was up pretty late because I couldn’t sleep. And when I can’t sleep I seem to wonder about on the internet finding the most interesting things. Why is it at 3 in the morning am I looking for cool owl things on ebay? Anyways, here is a few cute illustrations I found that I put together in a collage. What a hoot! Ha ha…I couldn’t resist that one!


Here are a few owl related things I picked up on ebay this week. Can’t wait to put that cute little owl statue on my desk.

owlpendentandearringset01.jpg owl-statue.jpg

Do any of you watch Heroes? How good was last night’s show? Things are starting to build up in that show…we got some answers last night but more questions. I guess now we know about how Claire got to be with the Bennets but what’s going to happen to her now? Ugh…DRAMA! Love that show!


I’m going to try to do some scrappin’ soon…promise. And soon I will have that freebie I promised. I have it done but just need to package it up and post. I will also have some fun inspirational sites that I found on the web for you too. Cool stuff!

Anyways, until tomorrrow..toodles!


Random Stuff Galore

So where do I start? Lots of stuff have been going on over the past few days. I think I’ll split it up over a few posts so I have something to say everyday. HA HA!

Some exciting news for me…I’m on a Creative Team! Woo hoo!! I’ve been trying to branch out and do more in the digi scrappin’ world and I thought this would be a good way. I’m now apart of Theres’ Creative Team so check out her blog and her shop to see her products. See my blinkie on the side of this – cool?! For those people who aren’t familiar with Creative Teams, I am going to be doing scrap layouts featuring kits and products of Theres’ to help promote her work and store. I can’t wait to start scrapping with some of her kits. Stay tuned for that!


John got tickets to see The Police today for August! Hard to believe we got tickets. Should be a rockin’ show and it’s right around John’s birthday. What a way to celebrate!

We saw the baby Kayley this weekend. She is such a cutie! She looks so much like her big brother, it’s too cute! We bought Kayley these cute little Pea Pod shoes. John found them and picked them out. He insisted we get them for her, which was sweet.


For anyone reading this who doesn’t know I love pea pods! Our wedding theme was Two Peas in a Pod, so these little shoe were perfect. Can’t wait to see her in them in 6-12 months! We also brought Jackson this cool FDNY fire playset, which he seemed to like as well. Boys sure do love anything truck or train related, don’t they?!

Speaking of babies, my friend Doreen from high school her baby on Saturday, February 24. Little Salvatore Nicholas was 7lbs. And I hear that Mom and son are doing fine and that he is adorable. I’ll do a layout once I get some photos of the little bugger. So many babies all around these days…all I do is scrap kids and I have none. Too funny!

Over the weekend we got to play the new Nintendo Wii. Can we say LOVE IT?! I’m so addicted to it now…too bad we gave the one we found to family. I guess we will have to visit them more now. Ha! It’s so fun,really…althought my arm hurts somewhat today. Lame, I know!


Ok, more tomorrow…

Welcome Kayley Eliza!

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately for anyone who reads this. I was sick the past day or so and couldn’t find the energy to say anything. But I have exciting news today…my new niece, Kayley Eliza was born! Mom and baby are doing well. I’m so excited about her arrival I did a layout already!


More tomorrow!


So many people are so generous with posting free goodies for people that I think I’m going to work on a freebie soon myself. Possible a St. Patrick’s Day gift. Look for it in the near future.

Here’s a layout I scrapped yesterday. I know Halloween is long gone and awhile away but better late then never. Here’s a layout of my cousins…so cute!

Click for credit link.

Anyways, not feeling all that chatty for a Friday…so I’m going to call it a day here. So glad it’s a 3 day weekend! Woo hoo! Talk to you soon!


Scrappin’ Goodies and then some!

I have to give all you bloggers credit! How do you think of things to write about? You would think after all the blogs I read that I would gleen some inspiration of sorts of what to say but I’m finding it hard. So I guess I’ll just try my best to find things to blab about…LOL!

I’m in the process of trying to come up with a mission statement or creative manifesto. I’m not sure what I want to do with this either. Seems lots of scrappers have their processes and own creative manifesto. Ali Edwards has one and is very inspirational. I’ll have to think about it and get back to you.

Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day there were lots of digi sales and goodies to find. I treated myself to some Valentine’s treats as a gift to myself! Here’s some of the loot I got:

munderwood_owllove-pagekit-800.jpg munderwood_rocktherainbow-pagekit-800.jpg

Both of these kits are from Michelle Underwood, who I think is an amazing digital scrapbook designer! I think I have a new favorite designer. I love the funky and fresh look of her elements. I can’t wait to scrap something with the new goodies..especially the owl kit. What a hoot!!

Another favorite designer of mine, Gina Miller collaborated with the Sweet Shoppe Designs for their first limited edition collaboration kit of 2007 called Be Inspired. So I picked that up too. He he he!


Totally unrelated to scrapbooking and creative processes (although music helps my creativity greatly), I’m in love lately with the new album by Lily Allen. Her song Friday Night has been on repeat all day and it’s keeping me going through the day! Check her out and be sure to download it!


Anyways, that’s about it for today. Hope the snow we got melts away soon. It creates such a mess in the city and getting around. Ugh! Oh well…until tomorrow. Toodles!

Happy Heart Day!


Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day. It’s a messy one here in NYC today with the bad snowy weather. BURR! Time for Spring yet?

Here’s a Valentine’s Day layout I did recently from 2003 – awhile ago! John & I went to dinner at Angelo & Maxie’s and met up with our friends Kali & Ted for dessert at Veniero’s. Aren’t we a pretty pair?


Be sure to stop by to pick up True Love Combo Kit. One of my favorite digi scrappers, Heather Ann helped with this kit, so stop by and support her. I know I will!


Anyways, have a great heart day!!

One of those Days!

Did you ever have one of those days where everything just goes wrong? You know it first thing in the morning when you are running late, you can’t find the right clothes and then the bus doesn’t come. I am having one of those days..actually one of those weeks! It all started yesterday which an insane Monday! As soon as I came into work it was one rush after another and then I was at the office late doing some projects.

And then today I was suppose to have an appointment at 12:30. I was there 10 minutes early and I sat there for 30 minutes waiting. Finally I told the receptionist I had to go since I was on lunch and had to get back to work. Seems the receptionist didn’t tell anyone I was there waiting! So annoying…but I left and I’ll go back on Thursday. We shall see if it happens again.

The only good thing about this week besides good TV is that my new neice Kayley might be born. We are waiting her arrival any day now. We’ll see when she makes her debut!!

I haven’t had a chance to scrap yet this week…not feeling it but hopefully in the next few days or maybe this weekend since it’s a 3 day weekend! Here’s a picture of John & I this weekend in Brooklyn on the pier. Love that skyline in the background!


Lastly I leave you with this site to check out. Recently I was diagonosed with a blood clot that might have been caused by birth control. Apparently some kinds of birth control put women at TWICE the risk of blood clots and yet they still allow them to remain on the market. This site is trying to raise awareness for this and help women find the safest birth control options on the market.