Bridal 101: Photo Booth Trend

Photo booth rentals are the hottest party and wedding trend the past few years. A favorite of all ages, photo booths offer hours of fun at weddings. They remind us of our youth and they freeze us in candid moments of silliness or affection. I have to admit I’m a sucker for photo booths and I would have had one at my wedding if they were popular back then. I have been to many holiday parties over the years where there was a photo booth and it was always a hit!

As previously mentioned props are being used in wedding photos and that is true for photo booth photos as well. Props for photo booths can be even sillier with crazy wigs, signs and fun printables! These fun photo opportunities are a great way to break the ice and get people mixing and laughing. These fun photo stripes are great extra favors for guests and not to worry many companies offer couples copies of all of the photos on CD.

Bridal 101: Fun with Photos

Photo jewelry I wore showing the important family members who have passed away.

I hope you have been enjoying all the wedding related posts here on my blog. I originally planned to only do a week of posts but soon realized I had TONS more great content to share with my readers. Today we are going to talk about some fabulous ways to incorporate personal photos into your wedding decor and wedding planning.

I hope this gave you some new ideas about how to incorporate some of your personal pictures into your big day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We don’t have much planned today as I’m freelancing at a company and not sure I’ll get out at a decent time. We aren’t really the type of couple to do anything for Valentine’s Day anyways – plus we are still feeling under the weather. Anyways, whatever you do or don’t do today hope it’s filled with love! And you might also want to check out my Facebook fan page for an “exclusive” Valentine’s Day freebie!

Bridal 101: Trash The Dress Trend

Photo from and taken by Alena Ozerova

Trash the Dress is a trend gaining in popularity these days but it originally started in 2001 by Las Vegas wedding photographer John Michael Cooper. This photo trend also goes by the name Rock the Frock and Fearless Bride. Trash the Dress is a fun concept that consists of a photo shoot taken in an environment where the dress is literally going to get trashed. Photo shoot locations examples are: the beach, city streets, rooftops, garbage dumps, amusement parks, fields and abandoned buildings. I even came across a bride covered in paint from a paintball game, which I thought was pretty creative. The locations and ideas are endless; you just need to think creatively to suit your client’s styles and personalities. This edgy concept of Trash the Dress is fresh and unique because it’s shows the bride or couple in a situation that isn’t the “norm” and is more playful.

Typically these photo shoots are not shot the same day as the wedding and some brides don’t want to ruin their precious wedding dresses so they opt to buy another dress to trash. So the next time you shoot a wedding for a client maybe you’ll convince them to get a little trashy and have some extra fun in their dress.

Bridal 101: Wedding Photo Props

Photo courtesy of Mikkel Paige Photography.

Couples are now using props in their wedding photos as well as engagement sessions. Props can be simple – balloons, signs, flowers or anything that has special and significance meaning to you as a couple. Also if you have a theme, then that can lend itself to a prop idea.  Here’s a list of some props for you to consider:

Photo courtesy of Jen Caputo and photographed by Del Sol Photography.

Photos courtesy of Holly McCaig Photography.

I love the use of the iphones and ipads in Holly McCaig’s photos. My favorite props and photos are always the ones that tell a story about the couple and these really captures the couples’ techie personalities.

As mentioned about mustaches on a stick are a top trend at receptions right now. They provide hours of fun and laughter, and add tons of personality to wedding photos. Stay in trend this season and add a bit of hair to the mix with these great props.